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BearhawkBoston II
America's Pastime

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I never really got baseball till the 2002 World Series...

I mean sure...I was completely enthralled with Mark McGwire and I have noticed a few others, but wow...until that series I considered myself a fan of baseball players, not so much of the game. Watching the intensity of the World Series was pretty moving for me. I became an Anaheim Angels fan over that week. That's a dangerous thing for me to admit here in Boston, but...a guy has to live his own life! Since then, I have become quite enthralled with baseball players...Boston has brought home the World Series, the incredibly handsome men just keep coming... and then there is Jason God, those thighs. He could crush my head like a walnut! On the other hand, there are a lot of other players I'd like to meet too!

Jarrod Washburn

Bengie Gil

Aaron Fultz

Jason Giambi

David Wells

Rich Aurilia


Scott Spiezio

Robb Nen

Roger Clemens

Brad Fullmer

Troy Glaus

Mike Piazza


write to me and send me pics of your favorites!