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BearhawkBoston II
About Me

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This is where you'll learn many of those overly familiar and unbearably insignificant things about me.....

Let me know if this gets boring...<grin>


One of my favorite things to do is Camping. I have recently discovered that I sleep better on an air mattress in a tent out in the woods than I sleep at home in my own bed. I wake up more rested and alive. Must be that clean air! Like to camp? Drop me a line, maybe we can all meet somewhere! I'd love to put together a list of campgrounds and "reviews" of them...wanna help?

Me in Provincetown, MA for the beginning of Bear Week 2001.

I love playing on computers too. My hobby of 15 years ago has become my livelihood, but that doesn't keep me from spending hours at a desk at home playing or working. Ask Lewis, he has to pry me off the damn thing late at night!

Fiat X 1/9

My one true material love and fascination. The Fiat X 1/9. The most fun car to drive that I have ever been in. It's like driving a Go-Kart down the highway, but they were built by Bertone to withstand a 50 MPH head-on collision. Unfortunately, the human body was not, but you get my point. I have, in fact, totalled one, and came out with just a small scratch on my forehead. I recently purchased my third one of these little babies, after having been without one for over 15 years. Mine is a 1978 with 1979 transmission and engine and 1974 dashboard...kind of a mutt, but I adore it! I'll post more pictures of it soon...I have a WILD idea in mind for the new paint job.

Click on the picture to learn more about the Fiat X 1/9.


Doncha just love wet fur?

In case you put stock in the Myers Briggs scale of personality rating, here are the results I got:

Click to view my Personality Profile page


Here are some of my favorite things:

Sci-Fi, particularly futuristic pieces (anything that starts with "Star"). I have read the Dune series by Frank Herbert at least a dozen times, including all the prequels written after his death by his son Brian and I will read anything by Greg Bear, Joan or Vernon Vinge, Piers Anthony or Orson Scott Card. My favorite scary movie is John Carpenter's "The Thing", I get terrified EVERY time I see it, and I've watched it over and over. Also, Starship favorite throw away movie...what great action and animation!

Music....I love pretty much all of it. I find myself grooving to techno and house one minute and being moved by classical or opera the next. I like the new country (see more on Toby Keith later) and the old classics of the 60's, 70's and 80's. And let me tell you something, it is NOT Christmas till "Saint Karen" sings! Today I am listening to Bjork, Rick Richards and Grace Jones. Is it any wonder I sometimes think my brains are scrambled?

Television...I am addicted to "Desperate Housewives", what I see as "Sex in the City" after the girls get married and move to suburbia. You hafta face it though...HBO and Showtime have blown network television out of the water. I almost fanatically watched "The Sopranos", "OZ", "Six Feet Under" and "Sex in the City". The mini-series "Band of Brothers" was pretty amazing too. When I'm not watching those, I can usually be found glued to the Sci-Fi Network. "Stargate" and "Stargate Atlantis" lead my list. Unfortunately, now that Captain "Jane Hathaway" of the USS Voyager is home, I have very nervous hopes for the new "Enterprise". I also have to admit, I was addicted to "The Weakest Link" even though I think it highlights the less attractive parts of our culture. I preferred it when Ann was the host...I just want to see her grab Jerry Springer by the throat and say "You are the biggest..."

Travel...the reason we are put on this earth. I LOVE going new places, or even exploring old places to see what I might have missed. Meeting people, experiencing's what it's all about. And travel, like life, is not all about the goal...the journey is a crucial part or the experience. I prefer to drive to places if possible, so that the trip can take a day and I can see more of the world I live in during that process. I think nothing of a six to seven hour drive for a weekend trip...especially if you can make fun and interesting stops en route!



You know, we all have a "someday" story...and mine concerns this image. One day I will get my first tattoo...and this is what I want it to look like. I've decided what, and I've decided where, now I just have to find someone that I trust to do the work. Until recently, tattooing was illegal in MA, but now...
Like I said...someday....


Someone sent me an article that said the way to achieve inner peace is to finish things you've started. It is definitely working for me. I am now making a point of always finishing what I start, and I think I am well on my way toward finding inner peace.
Because I care for you, I am passing this wisdom on to you.
Here are the things that I have finished today:

* Two bags of potato chips 
* A strawberry cheesecake 
* A package of Oreos 
* A bottle of wine
* A small box of chocolates
* A bottle of tequila

I think this really works, because I feel better already!!!
Pass this along to everyone you know who may need Inner Peace.