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Sherman Hanke

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This is my professional webpage, designed to provide information about my work, my accomplishments and my goals and aspirations. I am currently pursuing a position as a Domino Administrator or Developer.
Use the links above on the left to review my credentials and to contact me.


I have spent the past 5 years being the entire Domino / Lotus Notes department for a wonderful company named Art Plus Technology here in Boston.  I have been both the System Administrator and the Developer for any projects, databases or applications that the company might have needed.
In addition to the basic work in Notes, I also had the opportunity to work with a variety of programming languages and platforms, giving me a little experience in a wide range of resources.  I was exposed to C, Java, Compuset, HTML, JavaScript, LotusScript, Visual Basic, PostScript and XML.
These additional areas enabled me to write my Domino applications for the web as well as for use with in-house Notes clients.
I also, due to my work administering servers, had the opportunity to learn about network protocols, system architecture, TCP/IP, SMTP and a variety of other protocols.

Feel free to look over the site, read or download my résumé or leave feedback.  I particularly like hearing from other Lotus Professionals.

Sherman Hanke   10 Fernald Dr.   Cambridge, MA   02138