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Sherman Hanke
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This page lists my Résumé and a downloadable version in PDF format which can be viewed onscreen if you have the free Adobe Acrobat Reader, or can be downloaded and saved on most systems by right clicking and selecting "Save Target As..."

Sherman Hanke


To find a combination of Administration and Development using the Domino / Lotus Notes platform which will allow me to use the skill sets I have developed as well as gather more experience in web presentation. I am looking for a position that presents responsibility as well as the opportunity to grow and advance.

Platforms and Languages

Experience working with most Microsoft Windows platforms, Mac, Unix, OS2 and DOS
Experience with languages: Basic, C, LotusScript, JavaScript, HTML, Java, Compuset, Postscript, XML

Professional Experience

December, 1997 - April, 2002
Art Plus Technology - Boston, MA
Technical Consultant
System Administrator and Application Developer Domino and Lotus Notes

Responsibilities and Qualifications

  • Five years experience installing, maintaining and administering Domino application and mail servers
  • Management of security practices and guidelines resulted in NO Domino downtime for five years
  • Responsible for Lotus Notes client software installation and support for new and existing users
  • Responsible for designing and developing Notes databases based on business need
  • Integral in all aspects of Notes application development from inception and design to QA and implementation with emphasis on identifying and analyzing the business requirements and presenting the most effective workflow possible
  • Responsible for maintaining the company standing as an IBM Lotus Business Partner
  • Responsible for maintaining all Domino/Notes version changes and application modifications
  • Responsible for user training and problem solving for both in-house and third party applications
  • Facilitated the migration from Outlook Mail and POP3 to bring SMTP services in-house both for the main office and the Milwaukee regional office
  • Supported off-site users using HTTP access to servers and troubleshot dial-up and VPN access difficulties
  • Responsible for third party software evaluation
  • Assisted with any other systems and IT issues that arose, from networking to PC, MAC and printer repair
  • Additionally responsible for the maintenance and administration of the company phone system using Lucent Legend phone equipment and a Unix based Intuity Audix voice mail system
  • Maintained and organized RCN based toll free dial-up PIN system
  • Responsible for arranging of company conference calls through AT&T and MCI hubs

Additional Experience

1987 - 1997
Danish Country Antique Furniture Boston, MA
Responsibilities included sales, inventory control, bookkeeping, customer service, purchased and installed computer system then developed and managed dBase accounting and inventory application
1985 - 1990
Bromfield Street Educational Foundation
Computer Support
Responsible for maintaining and supporting computer facilities for nonprofit newspaper
1976 - 2001
Various Restaurants Cambridge, MA & Boston, MA
General Manager , Waiter, Bartender, Cook
26 years performing all aspects of managing and operating restaurants including ordering, bookkeeping, marketing, employee training, staff management and customer service


Bachelor of Arts
Clinical Psychology and Counseling Education
University of South Carolina 1979

Application Development I and II rel. 4
System Administration I rel. 4
Implementing a Domino Infrastructure rel. 5
Maintaining a Domino Server Infrastructure rel. 5
Lotus Educational Services and certified agents thereof
Cambridge, MA
Introductory C
Northeastern University
Introductory Compuset
Tom Lemaire, Art Plus Technology
Visual Design Seminar
Edward Tufte, author of "The Visual Display of Quantitative Information"

My Résumé in Microsoft Word Format 

click here to download file

My Résumé in PDF Format

click here to download file

I will happily provide this file in other formats if you would prefer, please write to me and tell me how I can best suit your platform.

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